Diversity and inclusion in the workplace


Diversity and inclusion are becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Regardless of your industry, the best businesses know that a diverse workforce is beneficial in many respects.

Research shows that companies with diverse employees make better decisions, have less internal conflict, and are more likely to be profitable than companies with homogenous workforces.

To give you an insider’s view, here are 5 reasons why diversity and inclusion are essential in the workplace:

Diversity and inclusion initiatives help foster a culture of acceptance.

When companies implement diversity and inclusion initiatives, they help ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to succeed while simultaneously fostering a culture of acceptance and belonging.

Employees are more likely to feel comfortable sharing their ideas or contributing to workplace discussions without fear of being discounted because of their identity.

More innovation and creativity

Having a diverse workforce increases innovation and creativity since you bring together various perspectives to solve problems. This can lead to more innovative approaches and solutions that may not have occurred to a group of people with similar backgrounds or experiences.

When you consider the diversity of your workforce, be sure to look beyond race and gender. Consider age, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, and even hobbies that might bring new ideas and interests into the mix.

Diversity and inclusion increase employee retention

Employees who feel that their perspective is valued will stay with your company longer. On the other hand, employees who feel discriminated against or excluded will look for an organization that appreciates them for who they are. If you want to attract the best talent, you must show that you are willing to have an open mind and embrace diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion promote better decision making

Having a diverse workforce leads to better decision making. This is because businesses that value diversity can attract top talent from a wide range of backgrounds, which leads them to make more informed decisions.

Embracing diversity and inclusion gives you access to a broader pool of talent

When you create a welcoming environment for people of different backgrounds and needs, you have the opportunity to attract relevant talent from anywhere. Companies can innovate more quickly and grow more rapidly than their competitors by securing a diverse workforce.


HRWize recently held a panel, where some of the leading voices in the field of diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging, were amplified.  One of the main goals was making Anti-Bias strategies stick.  To that end, some of the strategies discussed were:

  • Start at the top. DIEB isn’t about implementing a policy; it’s about living it in everything your organization does.
  • Create listening circles. Everyone is impacted by DIEB in some ways; create an environment of sharing stories while forging a path for empathy in your organization.
  • Make the effort. It’s not enough to look around and assess that you are “diverse” enough. Look at the data, make decisions, and act accordingly.

The entire panel can be seen here.


When your employees are encouraged to bring their unique perspectives to work each day, it creates an environment where innovation can thrive. Diversity in the workplace can benefit the company and its customers.

By hiring people with different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and needs, employers can offer more comprehensive services and products that appeal to a wider array of customers.

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