What HR Should Know About Candidate Experience?

A candidate’s experience can go one of two ways; Costco on a Saturday at 12 pm or Costco on a Tuesday morning at 11 am. If you know, you know… 

Candidate experience refers to the overall experience a job applicant has during the entire recruitment process, from the initial job search to the final hiring decision. It includes all interactions with the employer, such as submitting an application, participating in an interview, and receiving communication regarding the status of their application. 

Why is it important? 

A positive candidate experience can lead to increased engagement and loyalty from candidates, even if they are not ultimately offered the position.  

This also surrounds your company with a great reputation as you continue to build your brand. Candidates who have a positive experience may be more likely to share that experience with others, thus helping attract future candidates. 

Aligning with company values. A positive experience is associated with organizational values of respect, fairness, and professionalism.,  This will in  turn attract candidates who share these values and may therefore be a better fit for the organization. 

Attracting top talent. When candidates have a positive experience during the recruitment process, they are more likely to have a favorable impression of your organization, and as such, may be more willing to accept a job offer. 

How can HR improve it? 

Employers can improve the candidate’s experience by using an HRIS. This will ensure that job postings are clear and accurate, that timely feedback is provided to candidates, and that consistent communication is maintained throughout the recruitment process. 

With HRWize as your HRIS, you can: 
  • Centralize candidate data from multiple platforms, especially your website career page.  
  • Have built-in applicant tracking to simplify your recruitment process.  
  • Customize the look of your careers page and application forms to showcase the different positions available within your organization. 
  • Create custom interview guides for managers. 
  • Customize workflows to send automated pre-defined emails to applicants in every stage of the recruitment process.    
  • Make job offers!  

Learn more about how HRWize can help your HR team manage & organize your companies recruitment.

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