Helpful features

Expense management

Your employees can submit expense and mileage claims as well as upload receipts in the same self-service portal that they use for HR related tasks. You can use additional access levels so that expense reports don’t just go to managers; they can also go to Finance for dual approval.


HRWize’s timesheets module will allow users to complete and submit timesheets based on hours which they have worked, which will then notify their manager by email. Once the timesheet has been approved or rejected, the employee will receive an email telling them the outcome of their request.

Clock in
Clock out

As an alternative to Timesheets, we offer a time tracking feature which allows users to clock in and clock out via HRWize.

Asset management

Keep track of the assets in your company such as phones and laptops, including the cost or the date that the warranty expires. You can even check the assets in and out as you assign them to individuals, so there’s no more uncertainly about what items an employee or contractor should be returning when they leave your company.


Documents can be set up to require an electronic signature from employees to signify to HR that this document has been read and understood.

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