Some of our recruitment features

Candidate card

We have integrated recruitment into the main application so you can easily and quickly track candidates – including creating your own job advertisements and online application forms which then go directly into HRWize. The candidate card view allows you to see where the candidate came from/their source, e.g. referral, LinkedIn, etc. You can search your candidate base using tag words or phrases and look up the matching resumes. You then follow candidates through the stages of your recruitment process, add scores, notes and documents and share results with recruitment managers. You can manage interviews, costs and when you find the right candidate, simply transfer them from being a candidate to an employee with a few simple clicks!

Career page

Once you have created your requisitions, you can then publish these on your company website just by adding one line of code to the website. This will then allow you to display a customised careers page with all your current, open jobs as well as allowing potential candidates to apply online via your application form and even upload their CV as well as any other documents required for their submission to the role.

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