How to manage changing worker demands

worker demands

As an employer, you must weigh whether or not your systems reflect these changes. Are you planning to do something about this? Do you have a plan to prepare your HR department to handle the modern workforce? 

Here are three new realities and how an HRIS can help: 

1. Flexible working 

 The traditional 9-to-5 workday is a thing of the past, and more employers are allowing employees to work from home. Even if you don’t have remote workers on your team yet, you should be prepared to accommodate these changing demands by deploying an HR Information System (HRIS).  

 An HRIS with an integrated ATS will enable you to make informed decisions such as hiring the best talent, whether they are remote or in-office employees. Also, tasks such as tracking employee performance from any location get simplified significantly. 

 2. Technology Expectations 

 As millennials join your company and drive even more innovation, you’ll likely experience a shift in employee expectations. Many workers seek outside their organization to find innovative solutions to current problems.  

 This is primarily due to updated technology enabling workers to work efficiently and effectively while connecting with colleagues that share the same responsibilities. 

That’s why it’s essential to prepare for these changing worker demands now. If your organization doesn’t have an integrated human resources information system (HRIS) in place, now is an excellent time to start thinking about one. 

 3. Employee upskilling 

With the rise of automation and AI, many companies are looking for ways to help their employees stay competitive in the job market. An HRIS can provide a platform for your company to track employee skills and certifications and even ensure that your employees have the skills needed for new positions within your organization.  

This means you will spend less time trying to figure out how best to train them and more time actually training them! 


The nature of work is shifting rapidly, and it will have significant consequences on how employers design their businesses. But if you’re not ready for these changes and don’t have an effective solution in place, that can put your company at a disadvantage.  

Take action now by looking into an HRIS like HRWize to get ahead of your competition and prepare yourself for the future of work. Contact us today!