The most important leadership skill is empathy


Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. It’s so important because it allows leaders to know how others are feeling, which helps them make better decisions. This article will walk through why empathy is an important aspect of leadership: 

Empathy leads to innovative solutions.

A report by Catalyst shows that empathy leads to innovation, flourishing, and higher retention rates. It is a critical component of creative thinking, which means that empathetic leaders are more likely to come up with innovative solutions to their problems. When employees feel like their needs are being met, problems solved, and ideas acknowledged, they want to stay with your company.

It inspires employees

Empathy is what helps leaders connect with employees and understand their needs to provide them with meaningful feedback and solutions.

It can also be used as a powerful tool for motivating your team members by showing them that you care about their well-being—both personally and professionally. When you’re able to empathize with an employee who is struggling with something they’re working on, they’ll feel supported by you and will want to do better because they know you’ll be there for them if things go wrong again later down the road.

And it can encourages collaboration

Empathy is an essential leadership skill because it encourages collaboration, which helps you build trust.

For example, if you empathize with someone, it’s easier to collaborate with them as you can find common ground and work together towards a shared goal.

Empathy also helps you understand the needs of your team members and other stakeholders. This insight will help leaders make decisions that benefit everyone involved.


Empathy is a leadership skill that will help leaders connect with their team members and build trust in the organization. By using empathetic language and asking genuine questions, you can learn to understand how your employees feel about their jobs.  And an HRIS like HRWize can be an integral part of that process.