A day in the life of an HRWize consultant

A day in the life

I usually wake up around 4:30am, go to the gym, get home by 6am and grab a coffee… Just kidding. Though more power to you if that’s what a day in your life looks like! 

I wanted to share with you a little bit of what my job looks like, and what it is about it that keeps me motivated. 

The elevator pitch for my job would be this; leveraging my HR knowledge and experience, crossed with my background in HR technology to help other HR teams streamline their processes and implement HRIS in the most suitable and strategic way possible.

Strategic organisation

Part of my day is spent working on documentation, organising my tasks, and reviewing client notes. Every day the HRWize team assembles on a scrum call to touch base on what is on our plates for the day and to check in with one another.  The most important thing though is to give us an opportunity to ask for- or offer help so that our team is being utilized to its highest potential. We’re always looking for opportunities to learn from each other!

Keeping up with best practices

As HR professionals it’s important for us to be aware of the trends, especially when it comes to employment laws. Most of our team members are part of the CRHA, which is the Quebec equivalent to the CHRP. This means we need to also keep up to date with our training. We bring all that knowledge back to our clients to help them plan their HR processes and make the best HR decisions for their business. 


This is a big one for any consultant! For every client in our portfolio, we usually have two weekly meetings – one with the client, and one with our internal project team. The internal meeting helps maintain alignment on project calls and gives us a space to brainstorm on any requirement for clients. The system has A LOT of customisation capability, so sometimes it takes a few brilliant minds to come up with the right strategy to make those customisations work together to fit the needs of our client. Our client meetings are the best part – that’s where we really get to utilize all the knowledge we have from an HR standpoint AND an HRIS standpoint to talk through issues with the HR partners and provide the best solution for their specific needs. 

Solutioning and configuration

Just as we use meetings to brainstorm, we also spend a lot of time working through individual issues on our own. It can take lots of trial and error to perfect the exact configuration that is best for each client. It can also take a good solid white-board session where we map things out, A Beautiful Mind style. Once we have our solution, we start testing. When we’re done testing, we test AGAIN. It’s important for us to take the time to test a strategy from every angle to make sure solving one problem doesn’t cause a different problem. 


This one may sound weird, but there’s a lot of internal communication at HRWize. We lean on other consultants and our development team to help us through when we hit roadblocks, to double check our work and mostly to brag about the brilliant solution we came up with that day. We also work closely with our sales team, our marketing team, and our support team to ensure a seamless experience for new clients. 

Suffice to say we don’t do all these things every single day, but this is a glimpse at some of the behind the scenes work we do at HRWize and why we love our jobs. 

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