Emma de Talhouët-Roy

Accounts Coordinator

Having worked in diverse professional sectors, Emma is always thrilled to seize new learning opportunities and embraces situations that will make her step out of her comfort zone. With a deep understanding and passion for technologies and human resources, Emma wants to have a positive impact on how these can improve the business environment for small to medium-sized organizations.


Emma’s international background includes working in different political institutions in Europe where she learned how to adapt to the most unexpected situations, how essential it is to be efficient with time, organized, and to not be afraid of taking up on challenges. It is in that context that her desire to help improve other people’s lives started and how she was drawn to HRWize, a tool she genuinely believes is a real asset for small to medium-sized businesses.


Core capabilities


  • Customer service
  • Business development
  • Technical pre-sales
  • Communications

Benefits to clients

Clients appreciate Emma’s consulting approach and her ability to address their strategic needs. Emma is always highly motivated and enthusiastic about going the extra mile to ensure that client satisfaction.