HRWize launches in the Cloud-Based HRIS Space

c1Wisdom in the cloud: HRWize launches in the cloud-based HRIS space

MONTREAL, QC – October 4, 2016 – Diabsolut Cloud Solutions proudly announces the official launch of HRWize, a cloud-based Human Resources Management (HRM) platform and HR consulting practice.

In the quest to create and sustain an engaged and productive workforce, today’s SMBs face a number of issues in the area of Human Resource Management (HRM). Inefficient, manual processes and the decentralization of critical information creates reactive decision making. HRWize has been developed to counter these and many more common HRM problems. Over several years of research and development, the platform counts many successful implementations and strongly positive customer feedback.

Aimed at centralising and optimizing HR-related business processes, the HRWize platform offers many key functionalities including performance management, applicant tracking, time and attendance, expense and asset management and highly-evolved social interaction – all the while providing powerful reporting. Through automation and a mobile friendly app, leaders and employees have all the information necessary to make time informed decisions and save time.

In addition to a robust and intelligent platform, HRWize offers consulting expertise. HRWizards – experienced, award-winning human resource professionals and corporate trainers – deeply understand the human resources community and the employee engagement field. These wize, progressive experts are the added edge that assists small to medium-sized businesses implement HRWize quickly and reap its benefits immediately.

“Leaders and employees alike seek to become more strategic within their roles,” says Sally DeRosa, Chief HRWizard. “The key to achieving that goal is organization. We wanted to find a way to help companies organize their HR practices and policies in one location. The product had to be easy, mobile and seamless. Lastly, we also wanted to make sure unlike other products in the market that it was priced affordably.”

“A company’s biggest asset walks out of the door every evening,” says Joe Diab, CEO of Diabsolut. “So it makes sense to make employees the focus. Ultimately, this becomes your firm’s competitive edge. The benefit HRWize provides initially is the push some companies need to automate the entire HR process. With efficient HR business processes in place, organizations maximize the investment they have made in their workforce.

About HRWize

People truly are a key asset in any business. HR management is about helping you to look after your people. HRWize gives you the tools to make your people an even greater asset within your business, whilst ensuring that the business maximises the investments you have made in your workforce. For more info please visit

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For further details, please contact:

Sally De Rosa, CHRA
Chief HRWizard
514-461-3314, ext. 125

Introducing the New Mobile App for HRWize