HR Tech Montreal – A new era of Human Resources

Last week, we had the pleasure of participating in the first ever HR Technology event in Quebec; HR Tech Montreal. A meeting of HR, Talent and Payroll professionals and leaders, as well as for HRIS specialists. This event brought the HR Technology industry together into one room for information sharing, consulting sessions and networking opportunities. It was a welcoming environment for potential clients to compare and contrast their service options, for blooming partnerships with complimentary services to develop and innovative start-ups to gain traction.

Close to 30 workshops brought up many important topics and themes that are currently affecting the HR industry that is in mid-transformation. The HR industry has never seen a time like this before with technology beginning to play such an important role in the day to day operations of HR departments everywhere. All of the exhibitors had unique specialties in harnessing new technologies that are changing the way HR practitioners across the country are doing their jobs. From data management to recognition software, time management and recruiting, these innovative companies are applying technologies like AI and deep learning to move the industry forward.

The opening keynote, “Technological singularity, from fear to future potential” by Alexandre Pachulski gave us an unsettling yet optimistic perspective on how close we are to technology and AI leading the charge. Referencing several films such as Blade Runner, iRobot and Terminator, Alexandre explained how we need to take the reins on integrating this technological advancement into our daily tasks, instead of letting it overtake the world as is the unfortunate ending in many of these films. Harnessing this technology and using it to our advantage can serve to increase efficiencies and focus more on the human aspects of our jobs and companies.

The many industry experts in attendance gave conferences on industry best-practices filled with invaluable insight and suggestions on ways to implement HR technologies into businesses ranging in size and scope from start-ups to fully established enterprises. One of the most sought-after sessions was the panel discussion with 3 industry experts; Alain Charlebois, Senior Executive HR Strategy and Performance at Videotron, Ziad Nader, Director HR Processes and Information at VIA Rail Canada, and Jean-Baptiste Audrerie Practice Leader, Technology & HR Transformation at HR Horizons.

This panel involved a Q&A regarding their personal experiences about how HR technologies shaped their HR transformations. The volunteers were turning people away from the packed room as everyone tried to listen-in to the invaluable experience being shared. The most important takeaway from this session was that employee data is the key to success. Ensuring your data is up to date and understanding what key data points are important for your company and industry. This task is less overwhelming the earlier on in your company’s development you start to consider an HRIS for a few reasons. First, having fewer employees makes your data lighter and easier to integrate without worrying about errors, historical data or duplicates. Second, starting small means you can implement only the most basic modules initially, resulting in more agile and less expensive implementation. Choosing an HRIS that allows you to add modules as your company grows is a critical aspect to seamless expansion. HRWize allows you to do just that, by starting out with only the basic modules that you need, such as data management and employee self-service, then seamlessly upgrading your plan as your needs change and you add new features to your HRWize environment.

Silvia Burgin, senior consultant at HRWize, also lent her vast experience with a session about how clients get the most value from HRWize through industry best practices. Her advice centred around two things; communication and resources. Ensuring your priorities and needs are clearly understood by the entire team involved in the project, stakeholders, project champions and end users, is vital to deciding on the right solution and ensuring you obtain strong buy-in from your employees. Clear communication with this group is crucial to translate the benefits they will receive from it, as well as ensuring training is readily available to everyone. Secondly, you must be realistic about how much time and effort it will take to complete an implementation. Having a specifically allocated resource internally at your company to focus on the project will ensure that timelines progress on schedule and the implementation runs smoothly.

Overall, HR Tech Montreal was a stunning success, and our congratulations go out to the entire organizing committee. We hope to see this event flourish and continue to grow within the HR community in Montreal. If you would like to receive more information about HRWize and how our system can be customized alongside your growing organization visit us at or contact us at


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