Grants to build the HR dept your SME really needs

What financial help is available to SME for implementing an HRIS?

As success stimulates their growth, small businesses reach a stage when they need to structure their HR processes and data efficiently. It then comes as good news that grants are available to help them professionalize their HR or implement an HRIS successfully. Employers located in Quebec can benefit from Emploi Quebec’s programs (Programmes de développement de la main-d’oeuvre). These grants were created in order to maintain expertise in businesses and support the development of skills to secure long-term jobs.

Technology-oriented training grants

To fully benefit from the advantages of implementing an HRIS, a key step is the training of main users so that they are comfortable with the new tool. Companies are eligible for a grant for this type of technology-oriented training for key users of the HRIS. The grant covers the training fee (50% of maximum $150 hourly training rate) and the salary of participants (50% of maximum 40$ hourly salary).

In addition, these trainings will count for your obligation to invest 1% in training.

Set up of an HR department

If a company does not have an HR department and hires an HR Manager (senior) for the first time or an external consultant, your company might be eligible for financial help as well.

Would you like to know more about these possibilities? Write to us and we will put you in contact with our partner that specialises in governmental grants.


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