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HRWize is your cloud HR management system made: Simple. Scalable. Secure.

The most rewarding part of HR management is looking after your employees by supporting their growth – all while they support your business’ growth. A dedicated HR team can see to that, especially if they’re armed with a complete HR management system to endorse and execute your organization’s goals.

How can a human resources management system help you? HRWize hands you the tools to increase the efficiencies of your HR operations, allowing time to focus on talent management. With decreased operational work, you can finally implement more strategic initiatives. Less talk, more talent.

HRWize is an all-in-one solution that performs your basic and complex HR functions. All the essential information you need is a click away – employee information, emergency contacts, tracking time off, timesheets, performance management, and much more. Our system also spotlights employee engagement with recognition features, a social feed, surveys and employee pulse. With process improvement, reporting and business analytics, your team will be set up to win. When employees win, customers win and when customers win, you win.

What else do HR professionals love about HRWize? For one thing, our standard and customizable workflows are as versatile as they are easy to use. Also valued is our open API – HRWize can integrate with your payroll software provider, your LMS (learning management system), your benefits provider and your cloud accounting system, amongst others.

Above all, HRWize isn’t just an HR system, HRWize is a partnership of accredited HR professionals who share your industry knowledge. It’s our priority that your entire organization becomes comfortable and autonomous in using our solution. To ensure this,  we tailor training that adapts to your rhythm.  Our service is upheld by a dedicated team who stays with you throughout your implementation journey and beyond.

HRWize. Your HR system and your strategic HR partner – all in one solution.

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