5 signs you need an HRIS now

If the following signs seem familiar to you, it is probably time for your company to upgrade to an HRIS such as HRWize.

1. Is your email box exploding? Have your Excel sheets reached a limit?

While developing their business, many small to medium companies have to focus priorities other than establishing HR processes. A simple filing system, a database, and Excel spreadsheets cover their basic and immediate needs. However, as the company attracts new employees, it becomes challenging to manage this growth without a tool that is tailored for this purpose.

2. Do you need to spend more time on strategic tasks?

An HRIS will help you plan, manage and control your workflows so that you can spend less time in redundant, administrative tasks and more time on more pressing, strategic issues. Not only will an HRIS help you simplify and automate tasks, but it will also provide you with the overview and reliable data that you need to make strategic decisions. In addition, it will allow employees and managers to access information that is relevant to them directly, without any bottlenecks.

3. Are you struggling to keep data accurate and up-to-date?

Decisions based on inaccurate data can cost money. Furthermore, employers have to comply with regulations and produce documentation on an increasing number of matters (benefits, equity, salary scales, training, diversity…). This can become a daunting task, especially as our workforce is constantly changing and evolving. An HRIS will keep track of all relevant data in one centralized and automated way, reducing the risk of errors and non-compliance.

4. Is it time to streamline your workflows?

Are you tired of constantly following up with managers and employees to receive the info you need to make decisions and complete your tasks? The Self-Service feature provided by HRWize will save a great amount of time while empowering employees and managers within a process. Employees can access and update their personal data and, amongst several other features, always have a live view of their time-off balances. Managers can enter performance reviews directly in electronic forms. In HRWize, the workflows are set up so that employee requests directly go to the manager for approval and follow-ups are taken care of by automated reminders, liberating you for more value added contributions.

5. Are you looking for a concrete way to tackle strategic issues like talent development and employee engagement?

HRWize goes beyond HR administration and combines valuable modules around competencies, succession planning, performance management, training and recognition that will help you create, optimize, roll out and manage strategic people programs.

Find out what HRWize can do for your growing organization. Sign-up for a free demo today.


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